Dr. Mandy Reckers, ND

Dr. Mandy Reckers NDIt wasn’t until I was in the midst of naturopathic medical school that I realized one of my favorite games as a child was to pretend I was some sort of medicine woman. I would imagine that there was someone who was very sick and needed my help and proceed to forage in the back yard, filling one of my mom’s old jars with various weeds, sticks, and rocks, topping it all off with water from the hose. It seemed that it was normal for most of the adults in my life to be in and out of the hospital, taking medications, and never getting better. I wanted to help them.

Eventually my own health problems appeared. Chronic digestive issues showed up in college, followed by a growing myriad of other mysterious symptoms. My doctor was fantastic, yet there wasn’t a diagnosis. There were medications to mask the symptoms, which only made things worse. I was young, ate what I considered to be a healthy diet, and exercised. Why did I feel so terrible, and why couldn’t anyone help me? I wanted to help myself.

After completing my degree in Biology from Ball State University, I found a career option which I never knew existed: Naturopathic Doctor. These were the doctors – the healers – who could help people like me and my family. I knew without a doubt that I was meant to be a naturopathic doctor. I chose to attend National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, the oldest naturopathic medical college in North America, where I earned my doctorate in naturopathic medicine.

This journey has left me with a special place in my heart for those who feel stuck and frustrated with their chronic health issues. Through my own health struggles and those of my loved ones, I have traveled both the roads of health deterioration and healing. I want to help those who are ready for their own healing journey.

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Testimonials about Dr. Mandy Reckers ND

“I have an autoimmune disease that cannot be cured, but Dr. Reckers guides me to the best health I can achieve. Because of Dr. Reckers I have a stronger immune system, am no longer a slave to my cravings, and I more fully understand the connections between what I feed my body and how my body responds. I think of food as medicine now thanks to her. Dr. Reckers never requires that I do anything, and instead makes suggestions, clearly explaining her reasoning. While I have not yet incorporated all of Dr. Reckers’ suggestions, she continues to treat me, always giving me ample time and listening closely to me without judgement. Dr. Reckers shows her genuine care and concern for my well-being each time we are in contact and we tackle my health as a team. I’m grateful to have such an ally! ” M.C.

“I sought out help from a naturopathic doctor last December because I was overweight, felt sluggish and my body’s systems were not running well. I was tired of Western medicine’s invasive tests and endless medications – and its refusal to bundle mind, body and spirit into methods for improving health.
When I began working with Dr. Mandy Reckers, I was impressed with her unhurried and holistic approach, and I was struck by how carefully she listened to me. Her insightful questions led to changes in my food choices and preparation, supplements, and naturopathic remedies. When I had occasional questions, I e-mailed her and she promptly responded with more details, ideas and encouragement.
Losing weight became easier and I simply felt better when my digestive system began working more efficiently – less sluggish, less abdominal pain, and more energy. In the spring I went to my primary care physician for my yearly physical and registered the best results I’ve ever had.
When I learned in the summer that I needed spinal surgery, I asked Dr. Reckers to help me prepare for the operation and the recovery. Thanks to her, my body was in optimum condition for the surgery and my recovery has gone smoothly.
Dr. Reckers is a caring, dedicated professional and I am grateful that there are people like her in Richmond’s medical community.” T.N.

“Two years when I was first diagnosed with Graves Disease, I came to you wondering if natural medicine could help me get better. Little did I know that not only did your natural medicine consultations help send my Graves Disease into remission but it has also led to improvements in all aspects of my health. I’m convinced that your expertise in blending natural medicine with the conventional medical treatments I was receiving from my Endocrinologist really helped improve my chances of remission. My Endocrinologist didn’t think I had more than a 50/50 chance of remission after a year and a half of medication. He was very surprised when I went into remission from less than a year after starting treatment and I’ve stayed in remission ever since, all without any medication! My Endocrinologist told me on more than one occasion that you had some very “astute” observations concerning some of the supplements you recommended for me. He even asked me which brand of liquid Vitamin D you provided for me so that he could also recommend it for his own patients.

I really like how you evaluated and treated my whole system, not just each specific health problem I was having at the time. In the last two years with your consultations, I have lost and kept off 34 lbs, my Graves Disease is in remission, and a whole host of other little health problems have faded away. Now I’ve entered into a phase of optimum health and I’m absolutely loving it! I know your natural medicine treatments and recommendations over the past 2 years are, in large part, responsible for these big improvements to my health. You are more than just a Doctor of Natural Medicine. You are a true healer! Thank you so much.” J.S.