Viktoriya Beliy, ND, MScN

Dermatology | Women’s Health | Nutrition | General Wellness | Men’s Health | Migraines | Autoimmune Issues

Since an early age, I knew I wanted to become a doctor. I recall playing with my plastic stethoscope and making sure all my Barbies were healthy and strong. I wanted to help others and figure out the puzzle of why they were ill. During my undergraduate education in biochemistry, I took a course on drug design. I became disheartened when I learned how many medications were mostly made for profit and the many side effects that patients would experience. I thought there must be a better way to help patients, to not only mask the symptoms that they were having but get at the root cause so they are not reliant on medications to feel well.

Growing up in Portland, Oregon I knew we had a rich history of natural medicine. The National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM, formerly NCNM) was where I could get the best education possible in natural alternatives. While pursuing my Naturopathic Doctorate, I fell in love with nutrition and concurrently obtained a Master’s of Science in Nutrition. After completing my degrees I completed a rigorous year-long residency at NUNM focusing on primary care for any and all people that needed health care. I saw patients with everything from the common cold to complicated autoimmune conditions. I worked with many amazing doctors that helped me hone in on my medical philosophy. The residency also focused on teaching, which helped strengthen my skills for educating clients on their care plans so they could understand the how and why of recommendation.

I enjoy cultivating a relationship with my patients and spending the time to fully understand their story. Having a strong doctor and patient relationship built on trust is fundamental to good patient care. That relationship is especially important when talking about nutrition. Nutrition and diet have so many negative associations along with social and cultural stigmas. I believe that we need to examine our relationship with food before being able to make any lasting lifestyle change. Food is such an integral part of our well-being and has such emotional, social, and cultural ties. I focus on finding a diet that can provide optimum health, while also being conscious of this relationship with food, that can still bring joy to mealtimes.

As part of my training, I was educated in classical homeopathy through the New England School of Homeopathy with Dr. Paul Herscu and Dr. Amy Rothenberg. I find homeopathy to be a great way to treat a patient holistically and bring ease to everyday life.

 I am passionate about educating patients about sustainable changes that can be made to their everyday lives that will bring them the results that they seek.

Outside of the clinic, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, exploring the great outdoors, and traveling. As a new transplant to Richmond, I’m especially excited to see all that the city and East Coast has to offer!