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  • Wed
    5:30pm-7:00pmThe Carillon Bell Tower 1300 Blanton Ave

    Date: Wednesday, May 10th 2017

    Time: 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

    Class Capacity: 10

    Cost: $35

    Location: The Carillon Bell Tower – 1300 Blanton Ave.  Meet at the Steps

    Class Description: Qigong Master, Mantak Chia, says, “Trees strongly root with the Earth, and the more rooted the tree, the higher it can extend to Heaven, Trees stand very still, absorbing the Earth’s energy and the Universal Force from the Heavens. Trees and all plants have the ability to absorb the light frequencies and transform them into food; in fact, they depend on light for most of their nourishment. Trees are the largest and most spiritually advanced plants on earth. They are constantly in meditation, and subtle energy is their natural language.” You can develop a relationship with trees to open your energy and help cultivate calm, awareness and vitality. Learn harmonious ways to approach, interact with, retreat from, and absorb energy from trees.

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    Joy Black is a practitioner of both Medical Qigong and Energy Work, and is a certified Healing Tao Qigong Instructor at Richmond Natural Medicine, where she enjoys seeing adult and teen-aged patients with a variety of conditions, including stress and emotional buildup, organ weakness, low energy, and digestive and sleep issues. Joy utilizes Chinese medicine protocols during Medical Qigong treatments, including five-element principles, powerful mind-body connections, and the clearing, balancing, and rebuilding of a patient’s energetic flows to enhance organ health. Her Energy Work treatments utilize a light touch on the body and in the surrounding energy field to bring about deep relaxation and overall energetic balancing. Qigong classes include guided meditations, movement forms, and various self-care practices, including breath work, self-massage, and body awareness – all of which can be modified to accommodate most any physical restriction. Joy received her Medical Qigong Practitioner certification from Three Treasures Healing (affiliated with International Institute of Medical Qigong), and her Healing Tao Instructor certification from Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao program.  Click HERE to learn more about Joy Black.


  • Wed
    6:15pm-7:30pmRichmond Natural Medicine

    Instructor:  Dr. Taylor Pagano, ND

    Cost:  $25

    Capacity:  14

    Class Description

    Sleep is a foundational aspect of your health.  If you are struggling with poor sleep is it likely causing trouble in a number of life areas. Lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep can lead to symptoms of cognitive trouble, memory issues, anxiety or depression, lowered immune function, weight gain, and prolonged fatigue.  It also places you at a higher risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes.  Come learn more about how you can maximize your sleep to create more balanced energy and overall better health!

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    Dr. Taylor Pagano is a Naturopathic Doctor at Richmond Natural Medicine where she enjoys helping people in the areas of general wellness, gastrointestinal concerns, neurology and women’s medicine. She received her naturopathic medical degree at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.  Click HERE to learn more about Dr. Pagano.

  • Wed
    5:30pm-6:30pmRichmond Natural Medicine

    "Meditation is the journey from sound to silence, from movement to stillness, from a limited identity to unlimited space." -Sri Ravi Shankar

    Instructor: Lindsey Wrable, 500 HR Registered Yoga Teacher

    Cost: $30

    Buzzwords such as MEDITATION and MINDFULNESS are common place in today's society, but WHAT are these ancient healing practices really all about? Perhaps you've asked yourself, "HOW do I get started with a meditation/mindfulness practice and once I do, how do I know if I'm doing it right"? You may even wonder WHY you should be meditating or applying mindfulness to your daily routine.

    The beauty of these practices is that they are accessible to all and can be quite transformational. Please join me for this experiential class where we will explore the concepts of meditation and mindfulness through discussion and a hands-on practice at the end of class.

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    Lindsey Wrable, RNM Yoga InstructorLindsey Wrable is a 500 HR Registered Yoga Teacher and offers private yoga and meditation sessions at Richmond Natural Medicine. She specializes in mood management and is passionate about providing relief to anyone who suffers from compulsive thoughts, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, and a feeling of disconnect with self and others. To schedule an appointment with Lindsey Wrable, our Yoga and Meditation Teacher, please contact the office at 804-977-2634