Food Intolerances

An often overlooked aspect to a person’s overall health are underlying food intolerances. Unlike food allergies (which are often more acutely presenting symptoms), food intolerances are much more low lying and foundational, affecting the gastrointestinal tract, gut permeability and leading to an array of secondary symptoms which present differently from person to person. These are not “bad” foods, but rather foods that the individual is not enzymatically breaking down appropriately leading to weakened intestinal integrity.

Food intolerance are rarely acute issues. Over the course of months or years of eating a food intolerance, the symptoms often build up into chronic issues stemming from systemic inflammation such as arthritis, migraines, digestive disorders, skin issues and auto immune diseases. By assessing the underlying food intolerance and removing the food(s) completely though an elimination diet, we are able to heal the gut, build up the integrity of the intestinal lining and replenish probiotic cultures effectively, leading to a decrease in the secondary chronic symptoms.

Although food intolerances are the not culprit to every imbalance, figuring out your food intolerances plays a major role in your comprehensive wellness plan, and is often a big clue to clearing up stubborn and “random” symptoms that one cannot associate with anything else. Food intolerances do not change over your lifetime, and we are usually born with an inability to break down certain foods. What can change, however, is our overall gut health. By replacing/eliminating food intolerances, the gut has a remarkable ability to heal and process whole foods more much efficiently. Generally speaking, if your gut is in optimal health, the rest of the body will follow, and assessing food intolerances is a large piece of the overall picture.

Our Approach:

Once we asses your food intolerances, we can guide and support you while you eliminate them by providing alternatives, recipes, meal plans and shopping guides to make the transition easier to follow. We will comb through your current diet to find any hidden traces of the food intolerance(s) and make sure you’re well prepared to follow a way of eating. We will teach you how to read food labels and make educated choices regarding food intolerances and also provide extra resources for further information. Once you have the knowledge, you can be proactive in taking your diet into your own hands and making the necessary changes to improve overall health.

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