Joy Black
Medical Qigong and Energy Work Practitioner / Healing Tao Qigong Instructor / Creative Artist

Joy Black 2I worked in the high-stress world of advertising and design for 15 years, and in the equally adrenaline-inducing field of corporate communications for 24 years – a total of 39 years of workplace stress. That doesn’t include the stress of daily life: relationships, money, and more. Sure, some of the stresses were exciting challenges, but my body didn’t know that.

I understand what stress can do to your body, mind and spirit – to your heart, brain, liver, adrenals, kidneys. Your sleep, nutrition, energy level, back, and joints. Your morale, attitude, mental and emotional self. At my lowest point, I experienced only about 2 hours a day in which my mind could focus and my body had the energy to work.

Most of us want to live, and live well. We are survivors. The road back to health for many may prove long and challenging – requiring patience, perseverance, stillness and self-love – things that perhaps we ran short of in the past. At some point, we decide that we want to feel better and must find our way. We may take baby steps or bold steps, but as soon as we are dead serious about healing the broken parts of ourselves, and we make health our priority, we are rewarded with keys that can open the doors to healing.

Qigong – the practice of working with the energetic life-force found in all living things, including ourselves – was the healing key for me. I have studied natural healing practices for nearly 15 years, traveled to China and Thailand to study more, and transformed my own life in a call to minister to others. Like you, there have been aspects of my life that have needed healing. The holistic practices that I offer are the same ones that have given me new life – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I am honored to share them with you. Qigong practices for self-care, and Medical Qigong treatments can help turn your stress into vitality. Energy Work treatments can help you reach a state of deep relaxation which allows your body to begin to heal itself.

I have been a creative spirit since childhood and have enjoyed formal studies and a long career in art and design. This creativity is inherent in all that I do and I enjoy bringing it into classes and treatment sessions.

Healing is a process. It is not always a “cure,” but it is always getting to a different, usually better, place. Healing is holistic: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Often, what feels like physical pain has its origin in emotions or spirit. Emotional pain can be caused by something physical. The symptoms often do not reflect the cause. Usually, we must remove the pain, discomfort or disease in layers – over time – just like peeling an onion. Frequently, the root cause cannot be directly addressed unless other issues are dealt with first.

Our bodies are miraculous in their innate self-healing wisdom. Our role in healing is to assist, then get out of the way. We can do that by learning good self-care practices and recognizing that everything is energy: food, thoughts, money, verbal expression, attitudes, beliefs, and the people and environments around us. Usually, we must invite some kind of change into our lives in order to heal.

I will work with you in a holistic way to find the source of your pain or discomfort. Many people feel better after just one class or treatment; others see that they must take time to patiently and lovingly peel away layers of imbalance and pain. Whatever your situation, know that I will appreciate your trust, value your confidentiality, and bring all that I have to assist you with your own self-healing.

Richmond Natural Medicine is happy to have Joy Black as a practitioner and an instructor. She offers Medical Qigong and Energy Work therapies including Chi Nei Tsang, Healing Touch, Reiki, and more. She also teaches several classes, including Qigong, to patients and clients of Richmond Natural Medicine.

Meet Joy Black

Testimonials for Joy Black Medical Qigong Practitioner:
Testimonials for Healing Therapies

“I have known Joy for more than 10 years. As she has set up her practice, I have received Healing Touch and Chi Nei Tsang treatments from her. Much of my “healing” is related to physical pain resulting from an accident. During the Healing Touch and Chi Nei Tsang sessions, I am completely pain free. After the sessions, I find that my pain is much improved; my muscles are letting go of the injury and being restored to a healthier version. In addition to physical changes, I find that my body seems to be letting go of some grief and trauma associated with this accident and other events in my life. What I absolutely love about Joy is her peaceful nature and her complete emersion in my needs. This healing through Healing Touch and Chi Nei Tsang is a drug free way to achieve peace and freedom from pain and grief. It is wonderful!”

— Susan B.

“Joy’s name is apropos – she emanates a calm joy. Her space is beautiful and soothing. I’ve only known Joy for a few months, but I was comfortable around her from our first session together. Joy kindled my great appreciation for the amazing, tireless, unseen vital organs. Every session leaves me feeling relaxed, peaceful, and steady with renewed focus to be in my body.”

— Susan Proffitt

Testimonials for Instruction and Classes

“When I first saw Joy Black, she walked into the room and the surrounding energy seemed to quicken and lift. All I knew was I wanted some of what she had! And that, in my opinion, is the finest form of advertising, powerfully affecting those in your presence without even uttering a word.

I began Joy’s Qigong classes at The Acupuncture Clinic of Richmond soon after. One of the most vital lessons I have learned is to develop an understanding of the miraculous functioning of my organs and body systems that I have long taken for granted. Joy has facilitated a loving reunion with my own body, to see those hidden parts of myself as supporting me, not separate entities standing ready to betray me. Because of Joy’s instruction, my self-love and appreciation is growing every day, and that is a phenomenal gift to give.

I truly believe Joy is a pure channel for healing energy. Her sensitivity and attunement lead her to help others in the most fearless and tender ways. I highly recommend her Qigong classes as they are restorative, transformative and energizing.”

— Elizabeth M. Steele

“When I began attending the Tao Yin Yoga class I had intermittent pain in my sacrum and sciatica. Over the time in class this began to diminish. Joy’s guidance helped me to pay attention to that area (psoas muscle) and use my mind-body connection to heal. In addition, she has shared resources and exercises that have supported me outside of class. Joy conveys warmth, friendliness and a passion for helping others through her healing, holistic practices. I have learned so much from her wealth of knowledge of body, mind and the Tao spirit. I am very grateful.”

— Linda Tebault, Richmond

“I was one of the lucky individuals who took Joy’s Primordial QiGong class this Fall. I’ve taken other QiGong and Tai Chi classes in the past but it was by far the most enjoyable one I’ve had. The really great thing is that I was actually able to learn the entire form in the single 6 week session. The other amazing thing about this class is that I enjoy doing it so much that I’ve practiced it almost daily ever since the class; that’s something that never happened with other QiGong and Tai Chi forms I’ve studied. Primordial QiGong is now a permanent part of my energy practices and I’m really looking forward to the next time the class is taught because I’d like to continue to “tweak” what I’ve learned.”

— JB, Richmond

“If you are new to something like QiGong, you might feel foolish or awkward while learning the various movements. Joy Black has an uncanny ability to make everyone in her class feel completely at ease. She has a very calm, soothing voice and her method of instruction is one of gentle encouragement. I took a six week Primordial QiGong class and, to be honest, after the first few weeks, I did not think I would remember all the movements much less be able to put them all together. Joy kept assuring us that each week we were at the exact level of learning we should be and that, by the final class, it would all come together and we would have a basic comfort level with the movements. Lo, and behold, this is exactly what happened. I believe the reason that I still remember what I was taught several months ago is due to Joy’s dedication and inspiring instruction. I can hear her voice even now as my arms move rhythmically gathering energy into my body.

There is a lasting value in taking these QiGong classes with Joy. With continued use of the form, I have felt more attuned to my body and my internal organs. I am grateful that through Joy’s instruction, I know that there can be a union of the energy from the Earth and my own life force. I have not achieved this yet, but that is the genius of Primordial QiGong. It can be a lifelong endeavor with ever new discoveries.”

— Vickie T., Richmond

“I have taken several of Joy’s classes and both enjoyed and felt benefited by all of them, so definitely look forward to taking more. Joy has a wealth of information that is quite interesting, and knows a variety of modalities that she conveys easily and clearly. She is a natural teacher with a very positive upbeat and light energy that is very comfortable to experience. Her supportive, accepting style as well as the methods taught feel very healing and deeply relaxing. In the Primordial QiGong class, I definitely benefited from Joy’s deep patience and investment in teaching the form. An opportunity was even provided afterward for our class to get together at a park on a pretty day to practice and that was nice too.”

— Angela B., Chesterfield

“I just wanted to thank you again for the classes on Saturday. In addition to thoroughly enjoying the time, I managed to learn some new things…The funny thing is that at the last moment I had a little mix-up and wasn’t sure I would make it. I’m so glad that I did. You’re a great teacher!”

— Shari D., Richmond