Dr. Micah Allen ND & L.Ac, FABORM

Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist | Areas of concentration: Fertility Support, Endocrine Support, Pain Management, Women’s Health, Thyroid, Children’s Health

Micah Allen NDAs a young child, I grew up wanting to pursue veterinary medicine. After my first 2 years of undergraduate studies, I wanted to be sure that my lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian was solid. So like my other prior interests, I threw myself into non-animal science curriculum and activities. I began participating in a research project at the Florida A&M University’s School of Pharmacy studying cathepsin D and it’s effect in Alzheimer’s disease. The next summer, I had an opportunity to do rotations with a local gastroenterologist who was also a pharmacist. We’d see patients in his office for acute and follow up visits, do upper endoscopies and colonoscopies in his nearby surgical suite as well as see patients at the local hospital. During my rotations, I noticed how treatment options for patients were not varied at all to include the entirety of their story but that their treatment was only one-dimensional. At this point, I was confident that I wanted to practice medicine that impacted people directly but I was sure that I wanted to go about it in a more holistic manner. I graduated from Florida A&M University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Animal Science.

It was after much research and consideration; I decided to enroll at Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA as it had the vigorous science background that I sought out. During my matriculation, I had the opportunity to evolve into a competent and empathetic physician. My coursework was intense but my clinical rotations at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health and Harborview International & Chronic Fatigue Clinics were very impactul for me. During my tenure, I had begun to suffer from frozen shoulder syndrome. I’d never tried acupuncture but thought I’d give it try. After 6 weeks of treatment, my symptoms completely resolved. After my experience, I decided that acupuncture would be a great addition to my toolbox of modalities to help patients achieve their healthcare goals. Throughout my years of studying, Naturopathic and Acupuncture treatments have assisted my family and I along our health journeys.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve had the privilege to assist my patient’s regain their lives and enjoy a better quality of life. I’ve had the joy of providing care to children and adults who have battled with chronic issues with success by using a combination of botanical, dietary, exercise and acupuncture treatments.  I find it tremendously rewarding to work with new families from pre-conception through pregnancy and birth.

After living in Seattle for the past 12 years, I’m excited to return to the east coast to offer a comprehensive, caring and effective approach to healthcare. I feel empowered and excited to be able to share this medicine, my medicine, with you.


Meet Dr. Micah Allen ND, L.Ac


Testimonials On Dr. Miach Allen ND, L.Ac, FABORM

“I was diagnosed with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (also known as PMDD) in June 2011, although I had been experiencing PMDD symptoms since November 2010. I experienced symptoms a week prior to my period that included extreme depression, which prevented me from actively engaging in daily activities. It made the simplest task, like changing my daughter’s diaper seem so overwhelming. It affected every aspect of my life. I went to see my doctor because the symptoms were getting worse as time progressed. She recommended that I could start taking anti-depressants. The thought of taking anti-depressants daily for something that affected me seven (7) days out of the month puzzled me. I instantly thought of the side effects of anti-depressants and felt as if it wouldn’t be worth it. I asked my doctor for more of a holistic approach and was advised to exercise as well as to get as much outdoor exposure as possible. I already had incorporated working out into my lifestyle and I love the outdoors, so those recommendations did not impact my current daily regimen and the depression worsened. I finally contacted Dr. Allen, and after her assessment, she prescribed nutritional, lifestyle, botanical and dietary protocols in addition to my workouts. After closely following Dr. Allen’s regimen, I have not experience a PMDD episode since Jan 2012. May was the 3rd month in a row where I have been symptom free. YAY!!! My family thanks you, Dr. Allen. I thank you, Dr. Allen.”
T. Brown

“I moved to the area and started looking for an acupuncturist after the first of the year.  I chose Micah from researching and reading her website.  What sealed the deal for me was that she is also a Naturopathic Doctor and studied at Bastyr.  During visits, she explains what she is doing and why she is doing it.  Since going to her, my periods have regulated, my hormones are starting to balance out, my weight is starting to go down, and my inflammation is gradually going down.  Professionally and personally, she is very caring and I trust her as a Doctor, woman and mother.  Overall, she is very calming and grounded.  I highly recommend her.”

“I was referred to Dr. Allen after searching for natural treatment for my regular migraines and severe fatigue throughout the day. Right away, I knew she was the doctor for me. She not only took the time to genuinely listen to me explain my current health struggles, but also took a holistic approach to my situation by looking into my overall diet and lifestyle choices. Almost immediately, she was able to determine what my body was lacking, and through some blood work, identified exactly which nutrients and changes to my diet I needed to lower my risk of headaches and increase my daily energy level. Since my first visit nearly a year ago, I have been migraine free and love the extra energy I feel throughout the day. I’m such a firm believer in naturopathic medicine, and would recommend Dr. Allen to anyone!”
Andrea M.

“Dr. Allen is wonderful! I have been seeing her for acupuncture for less than two months now and already feel an incredible decrease in my neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Allen is extremely thorough in her approach and takes into account every health concern I have, no matter how big or small my question may seem to me. Her knowledge as a naturopathic doctor has also helped me tremendously in implementing specific foods, supplements, and habits that are helping to regulate my hormones and periods as well. Overall, I have been very impressed by Dr. Allen’s knowledge, personalized care, and really calm and kind personality. I am absolutely recommending her to my friends and family!”
Sarah F.

“I came to see Dr. Allen and try acupuncture for chronic insomnia and allergies. I am pregnant and did not want to use medications for my symptoms, due to side effects that could be harmful to the baby. Dr. Allen made me feel comfortable and took time to listen to my concerns and history. Her gentle touch helped me to relax and enjoy the process. After only one session, I had NO allergy symptoms and the quality of my sleep improved. I will be recommending her services to anyone I know suffering with ailments. Thank You Dr. Allen !”
Leah M.

“Having been diagnosed with acute tendonitis of my left shoulder I opted for a treatment plan using a combination of acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic adjustment. As a first time patient using acupuncture, and the services of Dr. Micah Allen, I was totally unprepared for a startling success after just the first visit! Dr. Allen was professionally soothing, highly informative, and with great skill, not only had pain abated on this first visit, but also set a timely path in the regular use of acupuncture to aid healing of the shoulder. Acupuncture, and Dr. Allen, will always be my first choice in the future.”
James L.

“Dr. Allen has played such a large role in my journey to quit smoking. She not only has been a partner through Acupuncture, but a constant source of support and encouragement. I am eternally grateful.”
Mary I.

“After being ignored by my family physician regarding my continual weight gain and its connection to my family history of underactive thyroid gland problems; I searched out a holistic approach, Dr. Allen was not only able to confirm that my thyroid was underactive for several years; she also alerted me to my high sugar levels, which is another hidden hereditary danger. After a thorough physical examination and a review of my past medical records, Dr. Allen has me on the to road to optimal health; I have tons of energy and I am so excited about my weight lose. Dr. Allen Listens! When my daughter came home from college, Dr. Allen treated her as well, with great results. I highly recommend Dr. Allen, she is professional and her interpersonal skills are amazing, She really cares about your overall health. I am so glad that I was referred to her; I will be her patient for Life.”