Tiffany Bloomingdale ND

Naturopathic Doctor | Areas of concentration: Classical Homeopathy, Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Digestive Health, Fertility Support & Naturopathic Cancer Support


Naturopathic medicine helps me be the kind of doctor I want to be. With symptoms and diagnoses come stories—sweeping, minuscule and wild. These narratives are flashlights that help to illuminate who the person is behind the symptoms and diagnoses. Stories reveal our joys, challenges, responses, reactions, longings, and fears. I love how the philosophy and modalities of naturopathic medicine find relevance in and offer support to the most personal nuances.

I first experienced naturopathic medicine during my junior year of college when I was diagnosed with an inflammatory bowel disease. Being passionate about science and social determinants of health, I was majoring in biology and minoring in sociology. I was learning about chronic inflammation’s impact on normal physiology and how it was a risk factor for cancer. I was also studying the gut-brain connection and beginning to realize how intimately stress and gut health were linked. I sought out care that would address all the facets of who I was as a person.

My first naturopathic doctor helped me see that my habit of burning the candle at both ends was not serving me and was a huge obstacle to my body healing itself. I began practicing yoga and it was learning the power of slowing down and the art of connecting my breath with my movement, both on the yoga mat and in everyday life, that served as a catalyst on my healing journey. Custom nutrition and botanical medicine—for example, incorporating glutamine-rich steamed cabbage into my diet and taking well-sourced herbs like aloe, licorice, slippery elm, and marshmallow—were other initial steps I took toward repairing my inflamed gastrointestinal system. Over time, my symptoms reduced in severity and faded. I also discovered a heightened sense of wellness: deeper sleep, greater energy and an ability to truly stay calmer in the face of stress. Soon into my experience with naturopathic medicine, I realized I had found a lifelong path for my own health as well as a professional avenue that I was passionate about.

I moved from upstate New York to Portland, Oregon to earn a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM, more recently known as NUNM). I am ecstatic to be back on the east coast to offer what I have been honored to learn.


“I cannot say enough about this place. During my cancer treatment I have been working with Dr. Bloomingdale to maintain the best health possible. She listens to me, spends a lot of time talking through issues and concerns, and puts together a care plan that has kept me in optimal health. In addition she worked with my Oncologist to ensure that she was on board with my care plan. After some initial hesitation my Oncologist was completely supportive. I recommend RNM to all of my friends and am so grateful that I found such a wonderful place..”

“Dr. Bloomingdale listened, was very thorough and provided an individualized concise, doable care plan. I feel better already with her in my corner!!”