What is Yoga?

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self” – Bhagavad Gita

Yoga is an art and science created to unify the body, mind and spirit.  This ancient, 5,000 year old practice from India has gained much popularity with Westerners over the last few decades due to it’s healing properties.  It encourages one to find peace through present moment awareness, self-acceptance, and a deeper understanding of the laws of the universe.

Along with breath control, bodily postures, and simple meditation, an emphasis is placed on a right way of living (otherwise known as the 8 limb path), where ideologies such as loving kindness, truth, and discipline are explored.

What is meditation?

Most of the time, we are not using the mind, the mind is using us.  Meditation is a way to quiet one’s thoughts and achieve a deep sense of peace.  Breath retention, mantras, and/or visualization tools can be used to help one reign in compulsive thinking and find a moment of stillness.

There is no one size fits all when it pertains to meditation.  It is a very personal practice.  It helps to try out different techniques to identify what works best for you.  

Who should do yoga?

Everyone!  Krishnamacharya once said, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”  Breath control is the cornerstone of any yoga practice.

Yoga is not about being flexible or learning how to do handstands.  It is about stretching and strengthening your body, focusing your mind and relaxing your spirit.  It is a personal practice which can and should be tailored to each individual.

The Benefits…

Yes, yoga offers numerous physical benefits such as increase flexibility, assist with weight loss, decrease pain, and improve balance and posture.  But in additional to the physical, yoga can also be transformational in so many other ways.  

Yoga teaches you to settle your mind in a world consumed with chaos and overstimulation.  It encourages self love and compassion for others.  Through yoga, one is able to create harmony and balance between the mind, body and spirit.

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Meditation is another powerful tool, which can positively impact one’s physical, emotional, and mental health.  Meditation brings the brainwave patterns into a relaxed state, which encourages and develops concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and a calm seeing of one’s true nature. Not only does meditation reduce stress and anxiety but it increases your ability to handle stressful situations.

What to expect…Yoga Sun Salutation. Young woman doing yoga by the lake. Toned image

Our classes are appropriate for all levels.  Whether this is your first yoga class ever or you have an experienced practice, you will feel the benefits of light movement and concentrated breathing.

Each body is different and our bodies can feel different on any given day.  For that reason, I encourage my students to honor their body by allowing themselves to make adjustments or modifications during practice.  At any given time throughout the class, child’s pose (pose of rest)  is always available.

Each practice will begin with a meditation, using either a mantra or breath technique to quiet our minds.  Following the meditation, we will begin a series of postures designed to sequentially open the different lines of the body.  This thoughtful approach will allow you to practice in a safe and sustainable manner.

Hear from RNM’s Yoga Instructor Lindsey Wrable about Yoga Classes at RNM

Throughout class, we will explore different concepts and ideologies such as self-love, patience, compassion, and the act of letting go.  These are lessons which can be applied both on and off the mat.

Lindsey WrableLindsey Wrable, RNM Yoga Instructor is RNM’s new Yoga Instructor.  She is currently offering weekly small group Yoga classes at RNM on Saturdays as well as private lessons on Thursday’s. Check out our events for more information!

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