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Natural Healing in a Compassionate and Supportive Environment

Richmond Natural Medicine is an alternative and integrated clinic that provides holistic care from a variety of practitioners. We offer naturopathic medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture, nutrition and homeopathy as well as yoga in a compassionate and supportive environment.

Our mission is to improve lives within the Richmond community using a holistic model that provides compassionate, individualized medicine through education, collaboration, transparency, integrity, and prevention.


We treat people, not diseases. We offer support for a variety of health concerns, from chronic pain to gastrointestinal illness, high blood pressure to diabetes, autoimmune conditions to women’s health concerns, and even Lyme disease and cancer. With a focus on treating the whole body instead of an isolated symptom, we are able to optimize general wellness in each individual. We examine all aspects of your health, including physical ailments, stress, nutrition, sleep and even your community of support. Understanding all these aspects that make one person unique from the next is the best way to craft a specific and individualized plan for each person.

Naturopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medication with tabletsThe practice of naturopathic medicine is based on the understanding of the body’s ability to heal itself. When people experience signs and symptoms of illness, these symptoms serve as an indicator that there is an imbalance or a problem.

Nutritional Services

Fruit Harvest Selection in BowlsSometimes, the most basic human needs are the most simple, and the most preventative and whole body health ritual that we can practice is eating pure, whole foods. It is an undeniable fact that good nutrition is an absolute necessity to a healthy body, mind and spirit, as well as providing priceless preventative measures for chronic disease. From a holistic nutrition perspective, there is no one “right” diet for everyone to follow, and no single food philosophy to follow either.


Treatment by acupunctureChina is one of the first countries to have a recorded medical history that reaches back 5,000 years. Entrenched in this history are theories, diagnosis methods, and treatments based in science, in nature and in a keen understanding of the body…


Homeopathy is a distinct system of medicine developed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century and is still widely and successfully used today in many countries throughout the world. Based upon the principle of “like cures like”, a patient’s symptoms are carefully taken and then matched to a homeopathic remedy that produces similar symptoms rather than giving a medicine that opposes or suppresses the patient’s symptoms.

Herbal Medicine

healing herbs on wooden table, herbal medicineWe are fortunate today to have access to countless arenas of research and medical breakthroughs. Through clinical trials and advanced research, we can learn more about the botanical medicines our ancestors used in a very scientific and clinical way…

Yoga and Meditation

YogaYoga is an art and science created to unify the body, mind and spirit.  This ancient 5,000 year old practice from India has gained much popularity with Westerners over the last few decades due to it’s healing properties.  It encourages one to find peace through present moment awareness, self-acceptance, and a deeper understanding of the laws of the universe.

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How We Can Help

At Richmond Natural Medicine we offer a variety of comprehensive holistic health care solutions for individuals at every stage of life. Each of our practitioners is extensively trained and fully accredited within their field, held to the highest levels of professional accountability. Some of our professionals have also completed residency training. Our training and clinical experience allows us a unique perspective on health and wellness. We often collaborate with the practitioners within our office, as well as other medical professionals (including primary care physicians and specialists) to ensure the very best care for each person who walks in the door.

General Wellness

One of our passions is to help you live an even healthier life. General wellness is all encompassing where we look at everything that makes you special and also pave the way to provide additional vitality and prevention. Some individuals don’t have a specific concerns but their goal is to maximize their current health. This is exactly what makes natural medicine different- we assess potential future vulnerabilities and also identify your strengths.

Naturopathic Cancer Support

Naturopathic medicine serves as an effective adjunctive medical support when undergoing conventional cancer treatments, such as medication, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Our goal is to work collaboratively with your entire oncology team to decrease the stress that can occur to the immune, cardiovascular system and the entire body during cancer. We work closely with many oncologists in our area to provide a team approach at the time of your diagnosis, during treatment and providing ongoing aftercare.

Fertility Support

The process of expanding your family can be a joyous yet stressful time. Here at RNM, we understand that some families experience difficulties that prolong conception. Naturopathic medicine can serve as an effective approach for patients who have experienced unexplained infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), have a history of multiple miscarriages and endometriosis. We also help support patients who are considering artificial reproductive therapy (ART) by ensuring that patients are able to attain a healthy weight prior to ART, minimize ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) and maintain a healthy endometrial lining amongst other benefits. Both natural and medicated intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle participants are welcomed. By working closely with your reproductive endocrinologist, gynecologist, primary care physician and/or midwife, we are confident in our ability to provide support to you during each phase of your fertility journey. By using clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutritional supplements, acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive care plan that can be personalized for you and your family from preconception to birth.

MTHFR Gene Mutation

What if something about your genes is making you sick, making you react differently to foods or to medicines? What if you have become used to and accept feeling poorly because you know it is just how you’ve always felt, but you also know it isn’t the way others feel? What if you’ve been prescribed medicines over and over again and you never respond quite the way the doctor has anticipated or the medicine doesn’t quite achieve the goal that was intended? If any of these sound familiar, you may be experiencing the symptoms of improper methylation, or more specifically, a problem with your MTHFR gene.

Neurology Issues

Many people are struggling with various neurological concerns. These issues can include essential tremors, Parkinson’s, ALS, MG, stroke, or other movement disorders. Others may be suffering from neuropathy, Bell’s Palsy, cognitive changes or even post-herpetic neuralgia. Regardless of the diagnosis, we work to assess the root cause and work in collaboration with your current physicians. We often further assess family history, epigenetics, viruses, injury, nutrition/diet, exposures, and stress. There are many factors that together impact your current health. Each are important and are vital to investigate; this provides the best outcome and quality of life for those struggling with neurological disease.

Children's Health

At Richmond Natural Medicine, we enjoy working with children of all ages. We use nutrition, herbal medicine formulas, classical homeopathy, hydrotherapy and lifestyle counseling to safely and effectively address a wide range of acute and chronic concerns in our pediatric population.

Food Intolerances

An often overlooked aspect to a person’s overall health are underlying food intolerances. Unlike food allergies (which are often more acutely presenting symptoms), food intolerances are much more low lying and foundational, affecting the gastrointestinal tract, gut permeability and leading to an array of secondary symptoms which present differently from person to person. These are not “bad” foods, but rather foods that the individual is not enzymatically breaking down appropriately leading to weakened intestinal integrity.

Women's Health

Gender and aged based health issues must be understood and properly identified to be treated effectively. Just as childhood health issues are very different than adult health issues, so too are women’s issues distinct from those of men. There are many issues complicating women’s health issues, some of which are based in stereotypes and some of which are based in traditional roles and perception. Naturopathic medicine breaks down the stereotypes to get to the root of women’s health issues.

Insomnia and Sleep Physiology

Many people may think that sleep (or lack of sleep) is a stand alone issue, and other factors like lifestyle or dietary inputs do not play a role. Quite often, when someone is diagnosed with insomnia or other circadian rhythm imbalance, they are sent home with a prescription for a medication to help them sleep which may, or may not, solve the problem. Looking at the many factors that can impact sleep and sleep disturbances is essential. Hormones, stress, food, emotions, trauma, and even chronic diseases can impact the quantity and quality of sleep.

Gastrointestinal Disorder, GERD and IBS

We see people with ulcers, gastritis, gall stones, GERD, chronic pancreatitis, liver disease, IBS, IBD as well as for GI concerns that have led to no diagnosis. Often times these GI concerns lead to pain, loss of appetite, impact your mood and well-being. Part of our approach is to look at your diet, water intake, exposures, gut health and also assess the role of stress and current relationships that may be impacting your ability to heal. It is important to remember that the GI system is a vital organ that is part of our immune system and regulated by the nervous system. We look at the complexity of your current concern as well as the interconnectedness of the GI system to your internal and external environment.

Dermatology and Skin Conditions

The skin is the largest organ in our body, and is one of the most common areas where people can use support. Dermatology issues can be very complicated, and very rarely are they ever just “skin deep”. Our practitioners take a close look at the cause of skin conditions rather than just offering temporary topical treatments, and always look at the contributing factors that can lead to skin problems to come up with a solution that works from the inside out.


We are a dynamic group of individuals that has found one another due to common values, goals and lifestyle. We believe in empowering those around us to live vital lives and feel fortunate to be working with one another at RNM. Our collaborative work with one another and those within our community provide us with a wealth of knowledge and insight to assist various individuals regardless of gender, age, race or creed. We value our other colleagues within the natural medicine arena as well as our colleagues within the modern medicine field and believe that together we best serve the needs of Central Virginia and our direct community within Richmond.

Dr. Mandy Reckers ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Areas of concentration: Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Autoimmune, & Women’s Health

Dr. Leah Hollon ND MPH

CEO and Chief Naturopathic Doctor

Areas of concentration: Autoimmune, Neurology, Naturopathic Cancer Support, MTHFR Gene Mutation & Hormones

Lindsay Kluge M.Sc, CNS, LDN

Clinical Herbalist and Licensed Nutritionist

Areas of concentration: Sleep physiology, Circadian rhythm imbalance, Gastrointestinal disorders, Food Intolerances

Dr. Katie Lundberg ND, L.Ac

Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist

Areas of concentration: Areas of concentration: Pain Management, Women’s Health, and Naturopathic Cancer Support

Dr. Bridget Casey, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Areas of concentration: Digestive Health, Women’s Health, Men's Health, Children's Health, Autoimmune Support, and General Wellness

Dr. Tiffany Bloomingdale ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Areas of concentration: Classical Homeopathy, Women's Health, Children's Health, Digestive Health, & Naturopathic Cancer Support

Dr. Micah Allen ND, L.Ac, FABORM

Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist

Areas of concentration: Fertility Support, Endocrine Support, Pain Management, Women’s Health, Children's Health

Dr. Taylor Pagano, ND

Naturopathic Resident Doctor

Areas of concentration: General Wellness, Gastrointestinal concerns, and Women’s Health

Lindsey Wrable

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

Do We Accept Inurance?

Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance for payment of our services. naturopathic medicine is not covered by health insurance in Virginia at this time. The current medical model does not fully recognize the strengths of preventative holistic medicine. Steps are currently being taken here in Virginia and across the country to give more recognition to naturopathic medicine. You may check with your insurance company to see if they offer out-of-network coverage for alternative or complementary care. 

Fortunately, those individuals with a HSA (health savings account) or FSA (flexible spending accounts) are often able to use these plans toward naturopathic care. In these cases, we can provide you with necessary paperwork and itemized receipts. You should check with your HSA or FSA Provider for more information and specific rules.Some insurers in Virginia will cover acupuncture, and in these cases will will again provide necessary paperwork for reimbursement.  Contact your provider for more information.

What Are Our Success Rates?

It depends on each client and their specific condition. We cannot offer specific numbers due to the fact that each individual responds differently to treatment. We have seen varying results based on how closely patients follow the care plan set up for them by their practitioner. Each patient will see varying degrees of results based on their individual needs and commitment to achieving good health.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy which means you must give notice 24 hour prior to your appointment that you will not be attending via voicemail, email, or speaking to a representative at the clinic.

In the event that 24 hours notice is not given to cancel or reschedule a follow up visit, we charge a $75 insufficient notice fee.   Should you need to reschedule your initial appointment and you aren’t able to provide a 24 hour notice then you will forfeit your $100 deposit and will need to make a new deposit if you would like to book again in the future.

Why are initial appointments so long?

Your initial appointment will be an in-depth review of your past and present medical history.  Your practitioner will aim to obtain a full overview of who you are and what your needs are during this time. You can expect a discussion that looks beyond your presenting symptoms to the overall picture of your health, in order to best determine the best possible treatment for you. Your practitioner will inquire about your long-term expectations while working with our clinic, as well as considering your current lifestyle choices and habits. The lengthy appointments are just the nature of more comprehensive holistic medicine.

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