Using Homeopathic Remedies To Support Seasonal Allergies

Your unique seasonal allergy symptoms can be matched up with a unique homeopathic remedy to help you find deep relief. Homeopathic remedies are different than herbal medicine, supplements and lifestyles therapies.

Homeopathic Remedies versus Over-The-Counter Medication

Are you one of the 20 million people who have been diagnosed with seasonal allergies in the past 12 months? (1) Seasonal allergies are also known as hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis. Eating a vegetable-rich diet, hydrating, exercising, resting and other healthy habits may not be enough to keep symptoms at bay. Naturopathic doctors will often craft liquid herbal formulas and suggest nutrient supplements to support seasonal allergy symptoms. Conventional doctors may encourage over-the-counter antihistamines or anti-inflammatories. While these approaches may help in the short term, homeopathic remedies can be used to help shift someone’s susceptibility away from having seasonal allergies to begin with. Indeed, we can align your individual set of symptoms with a homeopathic remedy to help you react less to your environment.  

How a Homeopathic Remedy is Chosen

With thousands of homeopathic remedies to choose from, how do we determine which one you need? Naturopathic doctors look closely at your experience with seasonal allergies because symptoms show up in a variety of shapes and sizes. We want to know if you have a history of asthma or eczema. Then, we need to explore what’s occurring at your nose, eyes, throat and ears and also investigate your sleep. How you feel on a mental and emotional level with your seasonal allergies is also relevant in selecting a remedy.

What do we mean by explore what’s occurring? Let’s take a common nasal symptom of runny nose as an example. Here are 8 questions we’d ask about it:

  1. Is there a time of day it’s better or worse?
  2. Is it better or worse in a warm or cool room?
  3. Is it better or worse with a hot shower or with cold water applications?
  4. Do you have any sensations like burning or chilliness of the nasal passages?
  5. Is the discharge from your nose clear, white, yellow, green?
  6. What is the consistency of the discharge- thin, thick, sticky?
  7. Is it better or worse if you’re standing, lying down, moving around?
  8. Is the quantity of discharge small or great?

Here are characteristics of two commonly selected homeopathic remedies for supporting seasonal allergies. You’ll see how they differ in terms of physical, mental and emotional pictures. (2)

Nux vomica

In regards to time of day, sneezing is worse in the morning. Over the course of the day, nose runs freely and constantly. Finally, in the evening, nasal passages become dry, raw and congested. Congestion will generally be better in a warm room and worse in open air. The personality will include a hard-working, ambitious and competitive individual. They may display anger or irritability when burdened with symptoms.


Seasonal allergies are worse when it’s warm outside. The discharge is constant from nose and eyes, watery and bland with itching. There is relief from symptoms with cold applications and air conditioning. We often expect to use this remedy when someone enjoys breezes, but with seasonal allergies, breezes will make symptoms worse. They will often desire being around other people and receiving affection. We will see a tendency towards sadness and weeping when they are not feeling well.   

Working with a Professional

Aligning a well-selected homeopathic remedy with your seasonal allergy symptoms will be a game-changer. If you or a loved one has lived with this for some time, you know the toll it can take on sleep quality and daytime focus. If your naturopathic doctor has given you a homeopathic remedy in the past, it may be time to repeat a dose if you’re suffering from seasonal allergies now.

At RNM, we would be happy to look further into supporting your case of seasonal allergies and use homeopathy to raise your level of wellness. Can you imagine being less reactive to the pollen next year at this time? Please contact our office at (804) 977-2634 if you are interested in incorporating homeopathy into your health journey.


  2. Desktop Companion to Physical Pathology, Roger Morrison, MD

About the Author:

As a licensed naturopathic doctor at Richmond Natural Medicine, Dr. Tiffany Bloomingdale specializes in classical homeopathy and naturopathic cancer support. She is passionate about using homeopathy to address her patients’ physical symptoms in the context of their highly individual mental, emotional and spiritual health. She also utilizes botanical medicine, clinical nutrition and lifestyle counseling to invite optimal wellness. Dr. Bloomingdale wants to help her patients be the best versions of themselves. Regardless of age or diagnosis, she looks forward to connecting with you.